Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bathroom features and Fixtures

"WHO says a Passive house has to be fun and boring? It can be fun, too!"
The Master on suite will feature a sunken Tub overlooking the back yard
and a Wall hung toilet. The custom shower will have a sunken floor as well
with a build in bench and some niches for storage with frame less glass enclosure.

Sunken Tub 

Wall Hung Toilet

Sunken Shower base

Thermo bridge free design

To help us in the design we are modeling all areas where there is a potential for a heat bridge.

Foundation Wall Thermo bridge free Design

Second Floor Wall Floor cross section

Roof Truss Detail

Friday, February 18, 2011

Solar Hot Water System

The Picture shows  the Solar system we are planing to use for Hot water and maybe backup space heating.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Windows in Transit across the Ocean

Energy saving thermal insulation:

The issues of energy saving and energy efficiency with the new Energy Conservation Ordinance 2009 still firmly anchored in law, then rise in the next year, the energy requirements for thermal insulation by 30%.
These requirements are easily achieved with our triple-insulating glass, as:
Triple-insulated achieve extremely low Ug-values ​​up to 0.4 W / m² K.

Window cross section with foam insulation and swiss spacer

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wall Cross section for all Exterior Walls top view

The above Wall cross section shows the eliminations of thermo bridges by staggering studs and sill plattes and applying a continuant layers of Foam board over exterior surface of wall. Also there will be no switches or outlets, wires or pipes in the exterior wall surfaces. This New Wall construction has 20 times more insulation value with no Air leakage than the existing 12" Brick wall with 1" air space R 3 and plaster on inside. and is less in thickens.

Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) the Heart of every Passive House

Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR)
PAUL Comfort Ventilation is a leader in the field of mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR). Established in 1994, PAUL has pioneered the development of highly efficient, very quiet, domestic heat recovery units, alongside applying the same standards to commercial sized units.
Combining their patented channel counter flow heater exchangers with the very latest in low energy dc silent fan technology means that PAUL units achieve the very highest standards. PAUL products have both SAP Appendix Q listing and Passive House Institute certification.

  • Real energy savings                
  • Lower heating bills
  • Constant fresh air
  • Low pollen levels
  • Reduced humidity
  • Quieter living
  • Cooling in summer
  • Constant odour & dust mite removal
  • No mildew or mould
  • In ground loop for fresh air intake

The Heat Exchanger
The heart of every PAUL Comfort Ventilation system is the heat exchanger. This is where the heat from the outgoing air is transferred to the incoming air. This works both ways so if the outside temperature is higher than inside the exchanger helps to maintain a constant pleasant internal climate.
The unique patented PAUL counter flow heat exchanger design has proven itself to be one of the most efficient on the market. Combined with a surface area of 60m² in the family house size units provides exceptional heat recovery of up to 99% (thermos 200 dc 97- 99% at 200m³ /h).

Designed to be Inaudible
The high quality balanced fans and attention to detail make PAUL units the quietest on the market. There is no point in building a low energy house if people don't want to live in it. Experience has shown that when constant, even low noise levels prove to be disturbing. Combine PAUL quality with the very best ducting design drawing on years of experience from Germany, the  PAUL suppliers are able to provide a service of the very highest standard.
Air Quality
Paul Comfort Ventilation uses high quality large surface area filters that ensure a clean air supply. The large surface area of the filters provides an extended service interval and reduces loss of flow. A properly tuned comfort ventilation system prevents CO2 build up with out the need to open windows. Removing the need to open windows has the added benefit of keeping the noise of contemporary life out side the home.
Product Range
PAUL Comfort Ventilation units can be fitted in suspended ceilings, horizontally in boxing over kitchen cupboards, vertically in a larder unit, or a utility room or garage. They can supply ventilation demands from 30 to 6000m³/h. The compact units utilise air source heat pump technology to provide both heat and hot water along side the ventilation requirement.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Windows the most important detail in a Building Envelop

Here is some technical information on the windows we are using Imported from Germany manufactured to the highest standard Passive house certified in Germany. U Value 0.77 metric all the windows and patio doors are the tilt and turn style with a Rosewood foil coating for a wood like finish with out the maintenance and work of staining and painting. Link to full Detailed Website 
short Movie

Thermo Image of Window

Depth: 86 mm  triple seals with center seal
Number of chambers: 6 Chamber with Foam core insulation
Thermal insulation: Uf = to 0.77 W / m² K
Glass 2 layer Low E triple pane U Value 0.50  W/ m² K = R 11.5
Energy savings: up to 76% * * Reduction of energy loss at the window when changing from old wood / plastic windows of the 80's
Material: RAU-fiber composite material FIPRO ® , rotating co-extruded outer layer of high-quality RAU-PVC for best surface quality
Sound insulation: up SSK 5 without steel reinforcement, Rw, P = 47 dB with glazing Rw = 50 dB
Burglar resistance: up to resistance class 3, up to resistance class 2 without steel
Air permeability: 4 (DIN EN 12207)
Water tightness: 9A (DIN EN 12208)

Friday, February 11, 2011

SIP wall system R52 7,25" thick Wall

Here is a short Video of the SIP Wall system we will be using on the Exterior Walls for the First and second Floor. 2x8 Wall (7.25")with Foam core R 52 insulation Value with stacked studs no thermo bridging from Studs.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Comity meeting Finally Approved.

Final decision we received approval for all the Variances subject to Forestry conditions. Wich means the little tree or more specific the little Bush on our Front lawn on the City site is  Dim 3,5" more like a weed dousing some trouble and than there is the 3 weeks appeal period before application for building permit more like a nother 2 month before construction.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Basement wall retrofit cross section

Well we are keeping the Basement walls and have add insulation on insite and outside to get enough R value to meet the requirements of our model from the PHp.

Super insulted prefab Wall panels

I am so ready to order the super insulated  wall paneles this week from
2x8 (7,25")walls Foam core  R 7 per inch with offsetting studs. for Main floor and second floor. Wich makes the Main walls R 52 in additions we will have 3" of Foam under the stucco finish adding another R 12 for a total R value R 64.

Passive House Windows

Windows are leaving Germany on Monday with 3 weeks shipping time should be here by Month end, well there is the wild card with customs wich could delay things a pit. Glazing U Value 0.5 metric with swiss spacers 2 low E films and Gas filled. Frames are Foam filled with triple seals multipoint locking tilt and turn. Geneo Profile the. The cross section shows the recommenced installation detail.

The big meeting

Wednesday is the day for the big meeting at city hall for decision on comity of adjustment.
We should have no problems and get our small minor variances. After wards 3 weeks for appeal period
than finally we can start construction.