Sunday, December 30, 2012

How long can a 1 cbm Ice cube last inside a Passive House

Michelstädter Ice Cube Bet
7th September – 7th October
On 7th September 2012, in front of the historic town hall in Michelstadt a wooden house was erected, designed by Michelstädter planners and builders. The expert design, high quality materials and good construction ensure the perfect insulation performance – Passive House Standard. Inside the house there is 1 m³ of ice for a month to brave the late summer temperatures.
What do you think?
What percentage of ice is left on the 7th October 2012?
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Schedule of Ice Cube Bet:
Start at 6.00pm
Information booth on the Hessian Sustainability Day
1.30pm break up with official weighing and detailed discussions with experts at Michelstädter Weinbrunnenfest
Insulating is protecting the climate with personal benefit!
The Ice Cube shows what quality insulation can afford. After all, good insulationnot only prevents the ice cube from melting. If summer heat does not come from the outside to the inside, in winter it keeps the heat inside.
The result: reduced energy use.
The Ice Cube Bet is housed in a timber frame construction. Walls and ceilings are insulated with cellulose. For the timber frame construction “Dämmständer” were used. The total wall thickness is 53 cm. The ice cube is placed on Isoquick – The Insulated Raft – which is also used for reinforced concrete slabs.
To show what happens to the ice cube within four weeks, the house was equipped with a 3-pane window that satisfices Passive House Standard.
The airtight building envelope and the thermal bridge free construction are important aspects of planning and execution. Because the house is “inhabited” only by a cube of ice a ventilation system with heat recovery is unnecessary, although it is essential for Passive House Standard.