Saturday, February 11, 2012

Selecting Blinds with a Thermo imaging Camera

Wich of the 3 sample Blinds is the better choice

How well does a ground loop work in sync with the world best HRV

Today on a very cold winter day I messure the temp of my Air intake and out flow after going through the Paul HRV Novios 300
The ground loop takes a frezzing - 16.3 C up to +3.5C before entering the coil
of the HRV wich removes all the heat from the air leaving the house
except for 0.1C.
A true live performance test I like to know any one wich can show me a better HRV system.

Intake Temp at Ground loop pipe intake -16.3 Celsius

Temp inside air at point of entry of House + 3.5 Celsius

Temp at exit of House after Air has passed through Paul Novis 300 HRV 3.6 celsius

Thursday, February 2, 2012

How can this little Pump save 50 000 liter water a year for the houshold

This little circular pump is inline with the Hot water line at the hot water Tank. A special thermal Bypass comfort Valve installed under the sink furthers away from the Tank allows water to flow from the hot line in to the cold line till the hot water reaches the Valvue. 
Saving 1000's of liter of water going town the drain
never wait for Hot water again.