Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finally our little Bay window gets a Copper Roof


  1. Congratulations. At first, it looks like a minor detail... after all, it's just a copper roof for a bay window. However, that minor detail makes the whole look complete. So far, it looks excellent, and it will continue to do so, though changing in some ways, maturing as time passes.

    Both the roof and the windows look good. They're perfect for each other!
    -Katie Nicoll-

  2. Your bay window copper roof looked good with your home exterior. It brought out the attractiveness of your window. And the good thing about is that it can prevent the water from leaking at the sides of the window frame when it rains.

  3. That is beautiful.The bay window really glitters in the copper roofing you have installed.Copper reflect the rays of the sun giving a cool atmosphere inside the house.Great work!!!