Saturday, February 11, 2012

How well does a ground loop work in sync with the world best HRV

Today on a very cold winter day I messure the temp of my Air intake and out flow after going through the Paul HRV Novios 300
The ground loop takes a frezzing - 16.3 C up to +3.5C before entering the coil
of the HRV wich removes all the heat from the air leaving the house
except for 0.1C.
A true live performance test I like to know any one wich can show me a better HRV system.

Intake Temp at Ground loop pipe intake -16.3 Celsius

Temp inside air at point of entry of House + 3.5 Celsius

Temp at exit of House after Air has passed through Paul Novis 300 HRV 3.6 celsius

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