Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lighthouse Project in Denmark largest thermal energy storage

In the Danish Braedstrup currently Europe's largest borehole thermal energy storage arises seasonal combined with a huge solar thermal system. For this purpose, expands the existing solar field is strong, so that by the low heat demand in summer creates a large surplus of heat. To this energy in the winter to make use of a seasonal borehole thermal energy storage with 50 RAUGEO probes from PE-Xa is built, the stores at a depth of about 48 meters, the excess heat.
The operation of the store is simple: In the summer of the solar system circulates the heated water up to 85 ° C in the probes. It heats the surrounding area and creates a giant heat store. In winter, when the heat is then required for the municipal district heating, it is routed back into the circulating water and extracted via a heat pump.
The high temperatures that arise in the solar collectors, heat exchange system must be highly temperature-resistant to heat transfer into the soil. The leaders therefore decided to RAUGEO probes made from PE-Xa, because they can withstand high operating temperatures of up to 95 ° C. In combination with the REHAU compression sleeve jointing technique, they provide under these extreme conditions of long-term maximum security and are due to the specific material properties of PE-Xa highly resistant to dents, scratches and point loads. Working closely with Solites, Institute for long-term heat storage, as well as the local planning agencies PlanEnergi / GEO REHAU could contribute its extensive expertise in high-temperature probes from the start.
The first extension is not the end: It is planned to install in the final stage of the project, a total of 60,000 square meters of solar collectors and 300-400 probes for the storage of heat. So then a solar contribution of an estimated 60 percent of the total annual energy consumption is achieved.

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